How much is your domain name worth?

GoDaddy Domain Appraisal – How much is your domain name worth?

It is always a good idea to valuate a domain name’s worth before buying, selling, or deciding to renew it before it expires or not. You don’t want to make the same mistake I did, where in 2020 I bought a domain name that I thought was unique and had great keywords in it, but didn’t end up using that domain name and decided not to renew it and just let it go. Fast forward a little over a year later, now it is a premium domain worth over $5,000!! I bought it for $12. I could have made a 41566.7% ROI if I kept it or at least checked its value before letting it go.

How much is your domain name worth?

This is where domain name appraisers, such as GoDaddy’s Domain Appraisal, come in place. They evaluate the domain name worth based on how much comparable domains sold in the past, presence of popular and valuable keywords, the extension of the domain name (.com being the most valuable), availability of other extensions, amount of years its been registered, and more. Based on all of that an estimated value is given. The result is calculated by an algorithm and not a human, or else it wouldn’t be instant.

What are the best free domain name appraisal services?

There are a few domain name appraisal services available right now. It’s recommended to check more than one of them to get a better idea of what each one estimates the domain name is worth.

  1. GoDaddy Domain Appraisal: godaddy domain appraisalFree, with no daily limit on how much you can use it. Some of the criteria it looks at:
    • Comparable domains sold
    • Popular and valuable keywords
    • Memorability
    • Broad Appeal
    • Number of characters present
    • .com extension or not
  2. estibotFree but with a daily guest limit on how many queries you can make. In order to register, you need to pay for a subscription. Some of the criteria it looks at:
    • previous sales data
    • keyword data
    • CPC data
    • type-in data
    • extensions availability
  3. domainindexOffers 7 free appraisals per day with the starter account type. Some of the criteria it looks at:
    • domain birthday
    • domain age
    • TLD (top-level domain) rating
    • keywords
    • search volume

How accurate are Godaddy Domain Appraisal, Estibot, and Domainindex?

All of these domain name appraisers have a good criteria for evaluating a domain name’s worth. Checking for number of characters in a domain, availability of extensions, previous comparable domain names sold, etc. are all good indicators of how much the domain name in question is worth. All of the instant domain name appraisal services are based on algorithms. And these algorithms are based on millions of data points collected. So I’d say they are more accurate than not.

However, estimates are just estimates. You still need to find a buyer that is interested in paying the price you set for the domain, which could be higher or lower than what the domain name appraisers tell you. It’s also worth noting that the estimates provided by these domain name appraisers can be used in negotiations while selling or buying a domain name.


Using a domain name appraisal service is a good way to get a clear idea of what your domain name is worth, rather than just depending on your gut feeling. Sometimes you might have a premium domain name in your hands without you knowing that. Each of the domain name appraisers mentioned above have some common and different criteria, so it’s helpful to try all of them. If you found this blog post helpful please give it a share or write your comment down below! I’d like to read what you have to say.

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